Question : Dead harddrive - clicking sound

Hi everyone,

I have a customer, who's harddrive recently became unbootable.  I have tried numerous things, such as connecting it up through linux with no joy, booting it as a slave drive, using a usb to IDE connector, even putting it in the freezer over night as I have heard this can sometimes give you enough time to retreive the data, but I got nothing.

When I connect the drive I get a clicking sound, like the spindle is struggling to read the disk.

It is a samsung SP0822N harddrive.

I was wondering, if I bought a replica harddrive and changed the circuit board over, could this be a possible solution?

Or if anybody has any ideas it would be very much appreciated as I am running out of ideas and the customer really needs his data.

Many Thanks.

Answer : Dead harddrive - clicking sound

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