Question : swapfile location cannot be changed

I am unable to update the swapfile locations for my VM's.

I am using iSCSI storage and I recently had to update all the storage devices.  This required me to generate new ID's for each storage as I added them back in.  I than had to delete the VM's and re-add them back to the inventory.  Also had to update VM's that contains more than one disk as any secondary disks were no longer valid.

Have completed all this but none of the VM's would start - they would get a little way through and were unstable.  Further investigation found that the swapfile setting for each VM was set as "Store in the host's swapfile datastore".

When I went to view the swapfile data store on the host it will not show me anything (this was one of the data-stores that would have had a new ID generated when adding back to the nost).  All I get under configuration is "Swapfile Location:     Getting data..." - it never goes past this.

So - I went into each VM and attempt to set the swap file location on each VM to "Always store with the virtual machine" - but when I attempted to do this I get an error "File <unspecified filename> was not found"

So now I am stuck - not sure how to fix this - is anyone able to help?

Answer : swapfile location cannot be changed

I am taking the following actions:
   Reset ESXi hots to default settings
   set-up all network and iSCSI connections again
   Add each machine back to ineventory

I havn't completed this so far - but I am confidant that it will work.  THis is not a production enviroment so I can get away with this.

Thanks all so much for your help.
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