Question : Dell poweredge t610  SAS

I am new with SAS installation.
I have new server,DELL Poweredge T610:
2x146GB SAS 6Gbit/s 10k 2,5Zoll Festplatte Hot Plug
PERC H200 Integrierter RAID Controller

I tried to install windows 2008 64 on this machine,but shown only one SAS hardware.
I downloaded for driver PERC H200 Integrierter RAID Controller from Dell web site.And during the installation i used USB for driver installation,but still shows only one SAS Hard drive.
or i do something wrong ?
any suggestion pls?

Answer : Dell poweredge t610  SAS

The operating system (and installer) will only detect the LOGICAL drive(s) presented by the RAID controller.  My guess is that you configured the array to be RAID1.  If that is how it is configured (go to the BIOS to find out), then all is as it should be.

By design, the RAID controller hides the physical properties of the RAID.   Dell has some add-on software that you can run from windows that drills inside of the controller & shows physical disks, and their health.
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