Question : What SAN cert Exchange 2010 for UM, OA?

Good day,

I need to order a Subject Alternate Name (SAN) certificate for a new Exchange 2010 server which will have Outlook Anywhere and Unified Messaging on the server.

The external DNS name is

Q1: Do I request the SAN certificate to cover only "mail", autodiscover"? Or do I need to include the internal hostname of the Exchaneg server as well?

Q2: Can the SAN certificate be used to cover a public reachable SSL VPN device (a Juniper SA2500) on , or does an aditional cert need to be purchased?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Answer : What SAN cert Exchange 2010 for UM, OA?

A1 > The names you need are:
servername.domainname.local (internal fully qualified domain name)

SAN/UCC certificates are relatively cheap.

A2 > You will need a seperate certificate for that.
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