Question : Exchange database backup failing with Arcserve v15

I recently deployed a single server Exchange 2010 environment in our organization running on Windows Server 2008 R2. Got the latest version of ArcServe (v15) and deployed the agents on the exchange server. All the normal files back up just fine, but the database backups always fail. When I go to look at the log for the Exchange backup agent, I see the following:

¿2010-06-03 16:31:51.267 [[23844]:(22740)] MSG <ATCHBU02:13> ---------------------------------------------
¿2010-06-03 16:31:51.267 [[23844]:(22740)] MSG <ATCHBU02:13>             Backup Job Begin                
¿2010-06-03 16:31:51.267 [[23844]:(22740)] MSG <ATCHBU02:13>             Job No.:13                      
¿2010-06-03 16:31:51.267 [[23844]:(22740)] MSG <ATCHBU02:13>             Backup Server:ATCHBU02                
¿2010-06-03 16:31:51.267 [[23844]:(22740)] MSG <ATCHBU02:13> ---------------------------------------------
¿2010-06-03 16:31:51.626 [[23844]:(22740)] MSG <ATCHBU02:13> Ready to initialize Remote Powershell.
¿2010-06-03 16:31:51.626 [[23844]:(22740)] MSG <ATCHBU02:13> Initialize Remote Powershell: the 1 time(s).
¿2010-06-03 16:31:54.808 [[23844]:(22740)] MSG <ATCHBU02:13> ExecuteScript: Get-PublicFolderDatabase -status
¿2010-06-03 16:31:54.839 [[23844]:(22740)] MSG <ATCHBU02:13> Caught an exception in GetEDBInfo()
¿2010-06-03 16:31:54.855 [[23844]:(22740)] MSG <ATCHBU02:13> Failed to execute Powershell script, please refer agent log for more information.
¿2010-06-03 16:31:54.855 [[23844]:(22740)] MSG <ATCHBU02:13> Init failed with rc=-805306369
¿2010-06-03 16:31:54.917 [[23844]:(22740)] MSG <ATCHBU02:13> ExecuteScript: remove-pssession -session (get-pssession)
¿2010-06-03 16:31:55. 42 [[23844]:(22740)] MSG <ATCHBU02:13> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
¿2010-06-03 16:31:55. 42 [[23844]:(22740)] MSG <ATCHBU02:13>             Backup Job End                  
¿2010-06-03 16:31:55. 42 [[23844]:(22740)] MSG <ATCHBU02:13> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Any thoughs as to the cause and how to remedy?

Answer : Exchange database backup failing with Arcserve v15

Ended up being a group membership issue with the account used for the backup. The account had to be a member fo the groups Domain Admins,Administrators, Backup Operators,Enterprise Admins,Organization Management. Once I added it to the missing groups from that list, all worked fine.

Note that there is a bug that can lead to a very similar problem if you are using special characters in your account password., Thats what that hotfix you mentioned above corrects.

I hope this helps anyone in the future that has this issue.
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