Question : How to copy a new copy of MS Access when the mdb is open

I have an Access mdb which verifies the version when the user opens the file.  When the version is incorrect, the user has to manually copy the new app to their desktop in order to fully open the application.  When a user opens the app that is the wrong version I'd like to somehow close the current application, copy down the new app to their system, then reopen the app.

Help is greatly appreciated

Answer : How to copy a new copy of MS Access when the mdb is open

>when I install the management server should I install the SQL 2005
>database or just point to the existing RMS SQL database.

You need to point to the existing one.  You only have one operations database and one data warehouse per management group.  

> as my RMS also holds the database, so to move the RMS
>I will need to move the database as well

This is one of the problems with your particular failover scenario. If your RMS hardware dies, your database is also gone for the duration. All-in-one installations on a single server will always give you a single point of failure. The ideal way to setup for redundancy/failover is to host your SQL databases separately on their own SQL cluster/s.  

No matter which way you go about it, you will need your encryption key to get your "new" RMS promoted so make sure it is backed up using the securestoragebackup.exe tool and stored somewhere you can get at it in an emergency.

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