Question : type="checkbox" and alert in javascript

I have a grid with this column
 <asp:TemplateField  ItemStyle-CssClass="GridItem" HeaderStyle-CssClass="GridHeader">
         <input id="chkBoxAll" type="checkbox" onclick="checkAllBoxes()" /> Pago?
           <asp:CheckBox ID="chkBoxChild" runat="server"/>  
I have a button
<asp:Button ID="btnProcesarInformacion" runat="server" CssClass="boton"
                  onclick="btnProcesarInformacion_Click"  />
 that must be processed when there is at least a row marked with check

I need to show a message in javascript when the user does not select anything

Answer : type="checkbox" and alert in javascript

unless there is a desperate need to have more than one CPU, don't allocate the additional CPU as it will have a negative effect on performance.

my advise would be to monitor the performance of each server and then tweak CPU settings accordingly.
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