Question : NIC Bonding in Linux Suse Sles 11

Hi all,

I am relatevy new in Linux, and I am usually confident on setting up and configure and use of CLI but setting up NIC Bonding on Linux Suse Sles 11.1 it seems mission impossible.

I knew how to do so in redhat and the procedure it's similar on all Linux but well....Suse it's a little different

I follwed some guide that i found on the internet this one it seems to be the best

What they say is to activate the nic card (I have intel pro/1000 MT Dual Port Adapter) using yast. So activating by using dhcp and the reason is that the configuration file in /etc/sysconfig/network/ we  will get what they call nm number and unique number


Those two lines are found in

ifcfg-eth1 file in the /etc/sysconfig/network/

Now this doesn't happen to me when instruction are followed and NIC Card are activated by dhcp or by static IP those two unique identifier are not created

End the story no matter how I need to create NIC Bonding and I need some help on this


Answer : NIC Bonding in Linux Suse Sles 11

I solved the issue myself

I found the wizard that is actuall easy to follow on the linux suse sles 11

Simply by selcting Network configuaration the page will dispay the the NIC card avaialble.
We just need to configure the NICs that will partecipate to the NIC bonding (See Screen Shot attachements) as No IP for Bonding configuration. Once this is done we need to add the interface Bond 0 from the Network Configuration Wizard clicking the add button.

we add bond 0 and it's bond IP address netmask and aggregation type

You are now done

NIC Bonding Screen Shot
NIC Bonding Screen Shot
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