Question : Formatting field in datagrid template

I having trouble doing formatting within a grid template.  Right now my date field is being displayed like this:
7/16/2010 4:11:04 PM

I want it to be on two lines, and to display no seconds, like this:
4:11 PM

I initially tried this: <%# Container.Value.Replace(" ", "<br>")%>  
But that obviously put a break between the time and the "PM", which I don't want.

Answer : Formatting field in datagrid template

I am sure this kinf of update query does not work in VFP 6. If you switch to VFP 9 then you may use following syntax:

Update EMP SET EMP.card_id = ACCT.card_acces ;
  from ACCT ;
 WHERE upper(ACCT.last) = upper(EMP.last_name) ;
   AND upper(ACCT.first)= upper(EMP.first_name)
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