Question : Replacing Keyboard on Toshiba Portege A600

Hi all-

I have a buddy with a Toshiba Portege A600.  I've replaced keyboards on lots of Toshibas (like the Tecra M2, Tecra A6, Tecra 8000, and others).   I've also talked this guy through replacing the keyboard on his old Tecra M2 without issue.

On all of the other Toshibas I've services, there's a screw under the battery that once unscrewed, allows you to pull of a plastic strip right above the keyboard.  Once this strip is off, it's easy, just remove the 2 screws holding the keyboard to the chassis and then remove the ribbon from the motherboard.

The problem is that I don't know how to remove the keyboard from the Portege A600.    Plastic around the keyboard seems to be a single unit.  I used a guide ( to talk him through removing the bottom of the chassis, which he did without issue.  However, this doesn't seem to provide access to the keyboard.  That website does show clear photos of the underside of the machine.  

My guess is that the motherboard needs to be removed, but that's too advanced for this guy and he's about 3000 miles away from me...

I am looking for someone who has this model or has experience with this specific model (or the A605) who knows the easiest way to get the keyboard out.

I've attached a relatively clear photo that he took of the keyboard - and you can see that there doesn't appear to be a removable bezel.
Toshiba Portege A600 keyboard


Answer : Replacing Keyboard on Toshiba Portege A600

I have repaired over 2,000 Toshiba's; but, it looks like this one will be a b*tch.  Apparently, the keyboard is held in with double sticky (no screws at all) and most people really screw it up when they try it!

That Ebay link I posted wasn't what it said it was? ( I think I have bought from him before)
This link does have it:

I might suggest he get a cheap USB keyboard and you step him through disabling the built-in one (in the device manager) just to make sure it is the only problem and as a temporary solution.

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