Question : AutoCAD 2010 crashing on Windows 7

A client of mine has just bought 3 Dell machines, running Windows 7.  AutoCAD 2010 crashes on all of them.  Have looked through the error logs, there's nothing.  I've applied all of the software updates, still nothing. The anti-virus is McAfee, but not sure that's causing the problem.  Have turned on the TPM chip in the BIOS, because that was the only error in the logs coming up consistently.  Anybody with any ideas?  Mark

Answer : AutoCAD 2010 crashing on Windows 7

I'm afraid not - I've been talking to Dell, and so far we think it's a problem with a patch for the graphics driver.  We downloaded the latest graphics driver from nVidia, and so far (touch wood) it seems Ok for now.  Thanks to all for your help.
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