Question : Strange DNS issues - SBS 2008


I have a bit of an odd DNS problem I hope someone can help me with. The original problem was noticed when I was getting an "RPC Server is unavailable" message on our terminal server. After trying every possible solution I could think of, I ended up resorting to a workaround by editing the hosts file on the terminal server. This did the trick. In the hosts file, I told the machine what the IP of our DC was and all was well.

Just to note, this all occured when I migrated from an old SBS 2003 DC to our new SBS 2008 DC.

Now that I've done a bit more digging, I can see why these problems are occuring. Basically, our SBS seems to have two internal IP addresses. Bare with me here....

Ok, so the internal address I have given our server is This has been entered in the TCP/IP properties and the second NIC is disabled (even though it's disabled, I have ensured the other, problem address ( wasn't entered).

If I run NSLOOKUP on the server itself for SERVER2010 (the name of our DC) it returns two IP addresses, and I cannot figure out at all why it is returning I had a look in DNS. I told it to listen only on for DNS requests and, upon doing this, NSLOOKUP returns only BUT, if I ping, I still get a reply.

There is nothing in reverse lookup zones for this, but I did notice an A record for SERVER2010 - in the forward lookup zone. Taking a stab at it, I tried deleting this but it just recreates itself.

Any ideas?

I'd rather not have to resort to editing hosts files on other machines where there's clearly a problem that needs fixing.



Answer : Strange DNS issues - SBS 2008

When you do a ping -a IP address what host name comes up?

You can run through this to reset your TCP Stack on the server.
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