Question : Password Management Solution

Okay, I've got a bit of a strange request from a client and I'm looking for a solution:

I currently have a domain with approximately 20 users and a windows server active directory.

I have company social networks and other websites that use a variety of logins and passwords. For instance, my company’s page has a username [email protected] and a password LOLCOMPANY1!. This password is sensitive and I do not want any of my 20 users to know what it is, yet I want them to have the ability to log into facebook under the [email protected] username in order to make changes and updates. I need a password management solution that integrates with Internet Explorer and Active Directory in order to determine which of my domain users get logged into which sites. The ideal situation looks like this:

I hire a 3 week intern. Part of their responsibility is to log into our twitter/google buzz/myspace/facebook page and supply updates and complete various marketing tasks. I will create a domain user account for them and they log into their terminal. When they open Internet explorer and go to facebook, it auto-fills the password credentials and they are able to log in. At the end of 3 weeks, the intern leaves. I don’t have to worry about changing the passwords, because they never knew it.

There are numerous accounts that need to be managed, so a solution is needed so I'm not changing these passwords with such frequency.

I've looked into lastpass, but i'm unsure if it will fill my needs exactly. Does anyone have a recommendation?

Answer : Password Management Solution

You can try Multi User Aurora Password Manager, but I am not user about AD Integration.

Password Manager XP

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