Question : Computer in VMWare has black screen with _ symbol

I converted a physical XP machine into ESXi and I am unable to get any display on the console tab at all.

All I get is a black screen with a _ symbol on the top left.  Nothing I do changes it and the system is unaccessible.

When I first converted it, I did receive an error message which I fixed by changing the video memory.  It was:

Message from TAIESX-1.tai.local: Insufficient
video RAM. The maximum resolution of the
virtual machine will be limited to 1176x885 at 16
bits per pixel. To use the configured maximum
resolution of 2360x1770 at 16 bits per pixel,
increase the amount of video RAM allocated to
this virtual machine by setting
svga.vramSize="16708800" in the virtual machine
's configuration file.  
6/9/2010 9:14:21 AM

Nothing I do seems to work and I cannot get anything but this _ symbol and a black screen.

I posted same message on VMWare community and I have not gotten any answers yet.  I am getting desperate at this point for anything to try to get this resolved.


Answer : Computer in VMWare has black screen with _ symbol

When you're in the Hardware tab of the 'Edit Settings' part of the VM, you should see a SCSI Controller in the list (along with Hard Disk, CPU, Memory, etc.). If you don't see it there, that is your problem. It seems the conversion didn't actually succeed properly. Try to do the image and post back the results.

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