Question : Copy large file

I want to a large file (300mb sql backup) over our wan. I was going to gzip and the copy over from source but then thought gzip must have the file in memory so I could just output the zipped file locally. Then thought I could just open file into stream and save locally. Assume File.Copy would be very slow. So Question is what is the best/fastest way to copy this file from it's location. Also note this file is in 4 locations and need to get it from all 4 so want to run the code on my local server. Thanks

Answer : Copy large file

the approach u r using is perfect, ony i would like to recommend that u may place some autorun code or schedule a file zip for the respective file. in case, u try to first zip it from the network pc, then it will consume more time, as ur pc will also get slowed down.

once u know u have set a regular schedule, then u need to only copy the file that too can be scheduled
(u need not to wait at all )
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