Question : Editable dropdown list in 3.5 using C#


I am working in 3.5 using C#

For my web application I need editable dropdown list, dropdown will be filled from the database

I want editable dropdown control when user writes anything in the dropdown match record should be seen in a dropdown list and user should be able to select the value which matches

It may use AJAX

Can you please help me in this

Many Thanks

Answer : Editable dropdown list in 3.5 using C#


I think what you are refering to is the AutoComplete feature.  You can use the system default autocomplete on a textbox, or use the autocomplete ajax extender on the textbox.  Either way, it is a TextBox you will be using and the dropdown suggestions are handled either by the system or by AJAX.. If you want custom results based on the input, you will need to use the AJAX route.


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