Question : DHCP Client service keeps stopping when you reboot.

This laptop recently had a virus.  The virus has since been removed but everytime I boot up, the DHCP Client service is stopped again.  I can start the service and it works fine until I reboot.  I read a few articles and check the Dependencies on the tab and they all seem to be in place and started.  I thought one of the files for the dependencies was corrupted so I replace that file and it worked for that session but then again on reboot it stopped the service.

Recovery Tab - I selected First Failure to Restart the Service but that doesnt' seem to have helped either.

Any help is appreciated.

Answer : DHCP Client service keeps stopping when you reboot.

Sounds like you still have a virus.  The most recent infections can trick all of the AV software (MBAM, AntiSpyware, McAfee, AVG, Norton, etc...)  Your best bet is to reformat and reinstall.  I'm sure this isn't the answer you were looking for, but it is the only sure-fire way to get rid of it.  I wouldn't risk it any other way.
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