Question : Windows 7 Deployment under 802.1x Wired LAN Authentication

Hi Folks:

I know, I'm gonna ask most interesting and challenging question of the year :) I know about all Windows 7 deployment tools, i.e. MDT 2010, WDS (2008 R2), WAIK, Auto attended installation, PE 3.0, etc, etc. But in our case, there is 802.1x for wired LAN authentication. So what happens, when we try to boot our clients via WinPE, they fall in to public VLAN so therefore they couldn't connect with our PXE server. If we boot via USB in case, they couldn't connect with AD as they are assigned public address.

I also know that recently Microsoft released couple of following hot-fixes for 802.1x:

But there is no guide for usage.

Did someone find solution of it?

Answer : Windows 7 Deployment under 802.1x Wired LAN Authentication

Couple of things:

1. If you have a long password for the account then try trimming it down.
2. If your job is calling a SSIS package where you have mentioned the user and password within the package. Then try to Deploy the package and use ServerStorage or use Filesystem and provide the password in the package configuration window.
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