Question : Installing Windows 2008 Server R2 on a Dell PE 2850


I have been given a used Dell PE 2850 and I want to install Windows 2008 R2 on it. Unfortunately since the machine is a re-deployed one I dont have access to any of the setup manuals etc...
I have an iso image of Windows 2008 R2 on a DVD and when I power on the Server machine it goes through the initial setup screens but then after detecting the RAID controller and BMC loading stops with the following line
Command executed ......a:\scrub3.exe /d=all /l=2

I changed the setup options to the following
disabled floppy drive
changed boot sequence so that the cd rom drive comes first
set the os install mode to ON

I am not sure how to proceed further more due to my ignorance of installing an OS on a server machine.

Any help appreciated

Answer : Installing Windows 2008 Server R2 on a Dell PE 2850

I would suggest first checking that you have the latest version of the RAID controller firmware.

You can download the latest firmware version from the link below. There are several controller options, but you dont state which you have installed. All four options are available from this link.

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