Question : Error running scheduled task in Windows Server 2008

Hello -
I have a batch file scheduled to run every Monday morning at 4am that is failing when it is only scheduled with an error of (0x1) in the Last Run Result row.  If I run the task manually it runs like it is supposed to.  The contents of the batch file are below.  The archive folder that it calls is in the same folder as the batch file.  In the Actions tab I have the following set as the path to the file.  I also have "Run with highest privileges" checked under the General tab.  Any ideas what I am doing wrong?  Thanks in advance.

"G:\INS\License\LIC Share\Run_GetFingerPrintRprt.bat"
ftp -s:ftp.txt 
copy *.csv archive\*.csv

Answer : Error running scheduled task in Windows Server 2008

instead of schedule the task to run: "G:\INS\License\LIC Share\Run_GetFingerPrintRprt.bat"
change it to run: "G:\INS\License\LIC Share\Run_GetFingerPrintRprt.bat" > c:\temp\task.log

and check what the log states upon error
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