Question : Attempted an unsupported operation

Hi Experts,
I was playing with resource numbers because there were some duplicates.  There's probably still something wrong with them - but this only happens when in release mode, not in debug mode.  In release mode, I call DoModal and it never shows up because of a bad ID... (I think)?  But why is this only happening in release mode?  It makes me thing the resource renumbering might not be the problem after all....

(Using MFC in Visual C++ 2008)

Any idea?

Answer : Attempted an unsupported operation

Is it a compilation error? Can you show there error here?

>>I was playing with resource numbers...
In the resource editor you removed few images and you didn't change anything in the project settings neither for the debug nor for the release configuration? Do I understand you correctly?

If the answer is yes, if my questions have not helped you to solve he problem, please clean the solution and build it again. I'd like to hope that the re-build will close the question.
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