Question : mstsc rdpfile published on citrix

hi I'm struggling with publishing an rdp file on citrix.
the rdp file I have received by our service provider. a program on their win2008 rdp terminalserver is rented on the company  I work for. my company uses  citrix, and therefor wants to distribute this rdp file using the citrix envirement.  first problem was that the rdp file I received uses things that are not availeble(rdp gateway..) on rdp clients availeble for win2003 (that is what my company uses). so I had to use the compability mode trick to get rdp 6.1 in our win2003. so far so good.
if I use the rdp file directly on the my terminalserver, the connection works, and I can use the program.
however if I do the same going through citrix connection (same user), the username/password box is shown, I press ok, citrix ask for client access, the detailspane shows a blank background and stays like that for a minute or two, before it dissapears!

another test i performed was to use the rdpfile directly on the server first, connection established ok.
then while the rdp connection is up, I went and started the rdp connection through citrix, same symptoms as before, but the program is now shown in details pane, however after one or two min, it dissapears.

I published the rdp file like this:
mstsc c:\prog\test.rdp

do anyone have a comment for what I can look at to get this working?

Answer : mstsc rdpfile published on citrix

didn't find a solution that could publish the rdp connection in a seamless window, however I found out that my problem was solved by publishing a desktop, with the rdp file as an icon. strange but that's how this stuff is ;)
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