Question : How to make an exclusive edit

I have a number of clients that looks for "free" records in a table named thePile. When the varchar Field "client" is empty only one client is supposed to update it one time. When the edit is done the field "client" will no longer be empty, it will contain the name of the client who did the change.

I guess the key is to lock the row at the same time as i select the row.  Im using InnoDB. So what i need is SQL code that selects the first free row where field client is empty, changes the value to something in such a way that no other client can do the same thing on the same record.

Answer : How to make an exclusive edit

Unfortunately, MOSS does not support saving publishing sites as a template. There are two things you can do to get around this - Deactivate the Publishing feature, create your template and then turn it back on again, or simply append /_Layouts/AreaTemplateSettings.aspx to the end of the base URL to create the template.

Be aware that if you have applied any master pages or style sheets that depend on the publishing features, this may not work too well. If this is a possibility, try it in a dev environment first. Good luck! :-)
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