Question : Log monitoring script

Hi All;

I have a log file(dynamic) which i need to monitor; the format of the log

file is as follows

#Session ID      STATUS

The status can be one of the three /starting ;/loading ;/success

#Session ID STATUS
ABC   /started.html
XYZ   /started.html
ABC   /loading.html
ABC   /success.html
XYZ   /loading.html
MNO  /started.html
XYZ   /loading.html
XYZ    /success.html
XYZ    /started.html
XYZ    /loading.html
MNO  /loading.html
MNO  /success.html
XYZ    /success.htm

The criteria to monitor is that NO Session ID is to have more than ONE

LOADING status

I need to run a script to monitor this every growing file.

I have written a script;I request you all to provide some inputs on the code
as which is the easiest way of running it every 90 seconds

My script does a while loop for entries (all session IDS) now the question is

that the file is quite big I dont want to check the entries.Can you help me

on Varibalising the file line count with each run and then the file needs to

process only the lines which have been added.

the code is a follows

while true
EXTENSION=`date +%Y%m%d-%s`
awk '{print $1}' $1|sort -u|while read IN;                                    


grep "$IN" $1; done|grep -i -A2 "l
oading" |uniq -d > $LOGDIR/log.$EXTENSION

if [ -s $LOGDIR/log.$EXTENSION ]
cat $LOGDIR/log.$EXTENSION|while read SD
sid=`echo $SD|awk '{print $1}'`
status=`echo $SD|awk '{print $2}'`
echo "Session ID $sid has an issue.Please check"|mailx -s "Session ID $sid

having issue"  $MAIL_RECIEPIENT
echo "Session ID $sid has an issue.Please check"
sleep 90

Answer : Log monitoring script

in the certificate that you have from GoDaddy    server.servername.local has to be in the list of subject alternative name filed

you might want to request another certificate from Godaddy that supports multiple subject names

.. like mail.domain  and actidoscover.domain  etc..

follow this white paper for more scenarios

Thank you

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