Question : Before unload


I want to do the same behavior as gmail. When we wants to change the page without sending e-mail.

So, before leaving the page, I want to display a warning message to choose between saving informations on the page or click Cancel to return to the page.

I hope that I have expressed well my need, here is an example in print screen for more details.

I use ASP.NET / C#.

Thank you for your help.
Gmail Behavior

Answer : Before unload

I would do a ram test, its either a faulty stick of ram corrupting the system or It could need a re-install of your windows.

Download this cd then boot it in your laptop, guide on link also for you in case you do not know how to use it:
or memtest86:

I believe that one of your sticks of ram is ejecting corrupted data and that is why it is blue screening and turning off.  Make sure you do an in depth scan for a few hours.
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