Question : Licensing of softwre

Hi all,

I have some software I had developed recently. What I would like to be able to do is put some form of protection on it.
How I imagine this could work is so:
first time software is ran the user inputs their email address and the hard drive serial is taken at the same time. These details are sent to a server for cross referencing.
I will have the email address before hand so all i want to do is input the email address into a field nin a database so when they register the first time I get the email address and hard drive serial.

Next time they log in these details are just rechecked against the remote server. If the customer has paid their monthly fee then the server will return saying the licence is valid. If not then they cant run the tool.

Is there any off the shelf tool available like this to help me or are there better solutions?
Many thanks in advance

Answer : Licensing of softwre

use lvmdisplay

The partition /dev/sda2 is an LVM volume.
You need to use lvm tools to view the partitions within the LVM volume.

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