Question : unknown process - should I be concerned

Hello everyone,

Earlier today, I had gone in to the task manager to have a look at what processes I had running; something I do from time to time as a way to make sure nothing new has made it's way onto the comp without my intent.

Sure enough I noticed a new process on the list, which was as follows:

lupdater.exe *32  
cpu usage  00
memory usage  42,184k
Description - Firefox

This immediately raised a red flag for me for 2 reasons,

1. I always make sure new programs are set to *ask* about updates, as opposed to automatically installing them.

2. I've *never* touched or downloaded anything made by Mozilla on this comp, so I know for a fact, there should be no "Firefox" on this computer.

I've done a full Virus scan using Microsoft Security Essentials, which came back with no threats found. I'm about to go ahead and run a scan with MalwareBytes to see if it comes back with any results, as I know no single antivirus or antimalware program is fullproof. I may even give BitDefender a try.

If none of these end up coming back with results, does anyone have any input or experience with this process? Should it be removed immediately or is it running for a reason?

The location of the process is as follows, in the event that it helps at all:

"C:/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/ ComObject/"

I'll post again if I get any results from the additional virus / malware scans.

Thanks in advance for any help on the matter.


*Ps, I'm fully up to date with my WAU as well.

Answer : unknown process - should I be concerned


I was able to get rid of it all together using Sophos Antivirus (which was an EXTREMELY aggressive antivirus).

Apparently the virus had only been out since the 15th of this month (no clue how I managed to catch it so fast), but that would likely make sense as to why it was so hard to find.

 The script error continued popping up on restart, until I checked msconfig and noticed "windows script host" was set to startup with the command to run the script that was popping up.

I simply unchecked the box and all has been running beautifully ever since.

Thank you all for the assistance and advice on the matter, very helpful as always.
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