Question : Build and run of Actuate reports

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I have been trying to build and run a report (.rod and .rol files)  in Actuate eDesigner Professional 7. When i try to build and run the report i was prompted with the following error.
"Can't open source program file D:\builds\7.7\report\reportfiles\sscustom.bas" I currently dont have D: drive on my laptop. Can you please suggest me where i could go and change the path of this file.

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Answer : Build and run of Actuate reports

Yu could search the registry for this path.  However, you would have to change it to a valid path for the program to work anyway.  Obviously when you installed the software, D was you CD rom or DVD drive.  You will have to put that CD or DVD drive into your laptop and insert the installation CD or DVD, for this application to see the files on the original path where you installed from.  This is a COMMON issue with most CD or DVD installls -- you NEED the CD or DVD drive in the system, and the install disk in the drive, for the program to work right.  The only other option is to install the ENTIRE contents of the CD onto the hard drive so it will never ask you again for the original source drive from where you originally installed the application
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