Question : E72 - Opear Mobile 10 crashes after loading more than one page

hi mobile experts,

my first experiment with Opera Mobile 10 on E72 was awful. downloading and installing from the internet was unsuccessful. installing from PC was passed but when i tried loading more than one page (tab), the system prompted an overflow error then the browser just crashed. after that, pressing the HOME button showed a blank grey screen but with the supplier's name and date/time showing on the top, then pressing any other button would just give a whole white screen. the only fix seemed to be a restart. :(

the pages for test were not large, they were the sites listed in OM10's home page, one was BBC, the other was SMH.

the MO10 i installed was from the official site. the version was "S60 – International" with aisan languages support. is the language support the case?

Opera Mini & Opera Mobile - Nokia E72

FYI - i also installed Opera Mini 5. it now runs just fine, but not that fast as i expected.

is there anyone here actually running OM10 on Nokia E72? the same result or a totally different user experience?

as per the specification, the phone has 256 MB memory and 2.7 GB free space on the card. is it not enough for running Opera Mobile 10??

any comments are welcome.


Answer : E72 - Opear Mobile 10 crashes after loading more than one page

OK, this is what you need.  Apparently, since it is a US install, you have to change the default value in the registry:

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