Question : Public to Private IP - DNS Changes

Windows 2000 Server, AD integrated DNS.

I'm transitioning to private IP addresses from public IP addresses.  Essentially, each one of the client's machines had a public IP address and now I'm changing that to a 192.168.XXX.XXX IP.  The DNS is configured for the public subnet in the reverse lookup zone.  How do I go about adding in a new zone for the private IPs?

Answer : Public to Private IP - DNS Changes

Nice and easy :)

1. Open the DNS Console
2. Expand Reverse Lookup Zones
3. Right click and select New Zone
4. Select Primary and AD Integrated (if applicable)
5. Enter the IP range (e.g. 192.168.0), leaving as many boxes blank as required to cover your IP range.
6. If applicable, enable Dynamic Updates


7. Configure Aging to match up with the DHCP lease. e.g. 4 days No-Refresh and 4 day Refresh for an 8 day DHCP lease


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