Question : OS X Mail attachments - drag all

As a relative newbie to the Mac, sometimes the Mac makes me feel really stupid. This happens when I am trying to do something that is simple and should be easy. But I can find no way to do it. Then later, I find out that while the action is trivially easy, it is inscrutably hidden with no explanation anywhere, either online or in Pogue's book.

Once again, I have a simple need - to "download", drag, or copy all attachments to a folder.

I don't want to do this many, many times and there should be a way to do it. I have tried all of the following "intuitive" means and nothing works:

1. Highlight all attachments and attempt to drag them; also try lots of key combinations, such as option-drag, etc.

2. Highlight all the attachments and right-click to get a context menu. There isn't one.

3. Click on the paper clip, which was said to be the way to do this back in 2007.

4. Click on Save. Apparently this is supposed to put them in either ~/Downloads or ~/Library/Mail Downloads. It seems that some of my actions have succeeded at placing them in both of these places. While this allows the action, I find it an obscure extra step.

Ease of use to me is just dragging the group, as you would with files in Finder.

Could some one please let me the "obvious, super simple" method that I am missing?

Answer : OS X Mail attachments - drag all

Seems like you do it right - press "Save" and then in Finder you will find the attachment in the ~/Downloads folder and you can drag it wherever you need.

You can do it via a popup menu too. Ctrl-Click on the attachment will show the popup menu.
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