Question : Windows 7 after restore Licensing Problems

I have Symantec Solution Suite 12.5 Installed on a Windows Vista Machine.
I created an Image from a Laptop Windows 7 32bit Enterprise. All the image creation was succesfull. But now, when I restore the image in the other laptops I have, identical model and hardware. I turn on the computer and log on the OS. I encounter that Windows license has been deactivated and needs to be reactivated, same happens with Microsoft Office 2010 and other software installed on the computer.

 The license is enterprise for multiple machines. No use limite. Bought from Microsoft. Is for a client. Anyway I'm creating the image and then activating over the internet succesfully. It's not the fastest way, but is all I have to finish these laptops.
All seems to be that it deactivates licenses.
Have any idea?

Answer : Windows 7 after restore Licensing Problems

Rhiaanon44--"The license is enterprise for multiple machines"
The license activation is not being carried over in the image.  So you have to REactivate when asked.  It seems that is working OK, so activation is not the problem.  
This may help for multiple PC's  
Perhaps someone will write you code to reactivate all PC's at once assuming they are on a network.
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