Question : SQL Server 2005 Database Backup


I have sql server 2005.  I have created a maintenance plan to backup the user databases to a hard disk.  Everything seems to be working properly accept that it is not overwriting previous backups and I would like it to.

When I edit my plan here are some of the field-value pairs
backup type - full
databases - all user databases
backup component - grayed out and shows database
Backup will expire in __ days - here I have 1 and cannot select 0
backup to - disk
create a backup file for every database - selected
folder - shows my path
verify backup integrity - selected

When I go to the extended properties I see a few more possibilities.  The only one that looked like a likely candidate for change was:
Existing backup action - I have selected overwrite.

What property do I need to set so that each new backup overwrites the previous day's backup of each database?

Answer : SQL Server 2005 Database Backup

You can use a seperate part of maintenace plan functionality to do this - Maintenance Cleanup Task:

Suggest you include it as a conditional part of the sub plan so old backups only get cleaned up once a new backup has been created.
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