Question : WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment

what are the benefits of  implementing WAS ND and why would we perfer ND

Answer : WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment

Benefits of Network Deployment

    * Build and deploy application services quickly and easily
    * Run services in the most secure, scalable, highly-available environment
    * Reuse software assets and extend their reach
    * Manage applications effortlessly
    * Grow as needs evolve, leveraging core assets and skills
    * WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment delivers the secure, scalable, highly-available application infrastructure you need for SOA.
    * Enhanced web serveices functions

What we can do with Network Deployment?

The main theme with network deoplyment is distributed applications. While the flow of an application remain the same, there are signigicant additions to the runtime of an application.

1) Network Deployment. This version supports deployment of a cell configuration with cluster and J2EE failover support. It now also includes Edge Components, previously known as Edge Server. This provides a proxy server, load balancing, and content-based routing.

2) IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment  provides the administrative functionality to deploy and promote your application code to all the nodes in your application server cluster.

WAS ND provides flexibility for spreading your applications across cells, nodes, and application servers

WAS ND allows for many nodes, with multiple application servers on each node and multiple applications in each server.

3) clustering and failover support

4) webserver plugin-in supports weighted workload management

Network Deployment concepts?

Anode is a  logical grouping of application server

-- each node is managed by a single nodeagent process
-- mutiple nodes can exist on single machine through the use of profiles

A deployment manager ( dmgr) process manages the nodeagents
-- holds the configuration respoitory for the entire management domain, called a cell

-- within a cell the administrative console runs inside the dmgr using this console you can manage all nodes in a cell.

-- All updates to the configuration files should go through the deployment manager.
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