Question : BCP Test and Backup Exec 2010 Catalogs

We are performing a BCP test and will be restoring our servers in a cold site that we will be installing Backup Exec on and bringing a few ESX hosts online and restoring them with the VMWare agents.

What is the best route to get the Catalogs onto the new BE2010 box? If I do an import of the tape into the new server it will take a few hours. I'm trying to cut down that time.

Is there an easier route then just copying the catalog files? Can you selectively copy the catalogs for just the dates you want? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Answer : BCP Test and Backup Exec 2010 Catalogs

Personally, if I replace or move a BE server, I just copy the catalog folder to the new installation and either restart the server or stop\start the BE services. Either way, the records are there.
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