Question : EventID 10009 DCOM errors

I have been trying to solve this issue  and have came up with no resolutions. I am getting hundreds of eventid 10009 a day stating DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer (insert computer name) using any of the configured protocols. This is only happening with Windows 7 Clients !!! all other machines are fine. The errors show up 8 at a time in the event log per machine all within seconds of each other. From what I have read, the issue is usually a firewall configuration problem. So I have tried every firewall configuration with no luck. Even turn off firewalls on both client and server, still getting the error. I think this may be linked to this issue, when at the Windows SBS Console under networking/computers tab, Security Status for Windows 7 machines comes up with Not Available. I am thinking that when the server tries to poll the security status of a windows 7 machine it is getting a DCOM error. But I don't know where to begin to fix this, if this is the issue. Any help appreciated

Answer : EventID 10009 DCOM errors

You can use a seperate part of maintenace plan functionality to do this - Maintenance Cleanup Task:

Suggest you include it as a conditional part of the sub plan so old backups only get cleaned up once a new backup has been created.
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