Question : Creating FLV thumbnail


In my AS2 project, I am trying to create a thumbnail of an FLV file without starting a background download process.

if I set

flvplayback.autoPlay = false;
flvplayback.contentPath = "http:///";

this will do the trick, and display a frozen first frame of the flv.

however, in the background the flv will start downloading.

now, if I have a gallery of 10 flv's thumbnails, all downloading at the same time, this is a problem.

so I need a way to tell flvplayback component to stop at the first frame and stop download, or a way to grab the first frame off the flv and do the actual playback once the thumbnail is clicked..

how do I get this done ?

Answer : Creating FLV thumbnail

Even with a flash media server, Its very possible the start of the movie may have blank frames, so pausing on the first frame would not be a great option.
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