Question : Emails sent as BCC


We have a website, where a section is designed to send emails to selected group of contacts.

Emails are: reminders, invitations, assignment, requests etc.

Webserver is offsite, so every time a person sends a batch of email, the way its setup is it will send a bcc to our office.

That way the person who sent the emails can tell that how many emails went out and how many didn't.

This is making the exchange server at our office a storage location. Mailbox which gets all BCC's is getting super big.

Is there a better way to do this, meaning something where we can stop sending bcc's and still know how many emails were sent.?

Is this system sensible?

Please suggest what do you think of this.


Answer : Emails sent as BCC

That all depends on the software sending the e-mail messages.  Are you using a "canned" package written by someone else or did someone in your company write this application?

If written by someone outside your company (such as a canned product), then they may be able to help you change the system. If someone in your company wrote the application, they should be able to modify the application.

Either way, I would think that a daily summary report is probably more what you would want to satisfy your needs as referenced above.  The summary report could either be accessed by web or send via e-mail.

If going to a summary report, I would suggest having the option built in (if not already there as an option) to set the summary frequency at differet levels such as daily, weekly or monthly.

The summary should list the subject lines and the number of recipients for each message batch.

- Tom

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