Question : CSS wrong MIME type in Firefox on Apache, AddType text/css .css is there

In Firefox the Error Console says the style sheet was not loaded because it its MIME type is text/html rather than text/css. This is on an Apache server. Page is

Using Firebug, as soon as we click to edit the style sheet, the site appears correctly (of course, it's pulling it from the editor not the css file)

Here are things we've already checked, so please don't suggest them as answers.
"AddType text/css .css" needs to be in httpd.conf or .htaccess
This is not the problem. It is there, and in /etc/mime.types, and other sites on the same server work fine: e.g.

There are problems with the style sheet:
See where the exact same styles are inline. Also, we've run it through the validator.

The char set for the page is different than the way the page was saved:
We have tried having charset=utf-8 in the header, and saving both the html file and the css file as utf-8. We have removed all charset from the header. Also tried no charset and saving the files as ANSI. The files are both saved with UNIX style line ends. Also tried with PC style - just to try everything.

Permissions or path to the style sheet are wrong:
Checked that. It is obviously reading the file, or it couldn't pull it into the editor in Firebug.

If you have any other suggestions, we'll be sure to try them.

Answer : CSS wrong MIME type in Firefox on Apache, AddType text/css .css is there

I see another problem with the CSS file.  It has been compressed somehow.  Delete that file from the server and go back to your original one you composed in your editor.  You will likely see internal problems in the compressed one that aren't in the original.  Upload the original as a test.
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