Question : SATA drive stopped responding

I have a SATA drive 400GB WD
the drive will sometimes show up in the BIOS but the OS will try to run scandisk.
it said something like deleted currupt file at sector 8 (128, data$)

is there any way to recover this disk without sending it to a recovery service?
they want $500 + to do a recovery on it.
the data isn't critical or I would have a backup.
the only file I really want is my PST.

what can I do?


Answer : SATA drive stopped responding

If the drive doesn't show in the BIOS, there is no way for any software to access it, since all software uses the BIOS to access the HDD, at least preliminarily.  You could try the Knoppix LiveCD, since linux uses direct HDD access to bypass the LBA limitation, but it still (I think) initializes the drive using the BIOS.  You may be out of luck.

However, a weird trick might just do it for you:

Good luck,
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