Question : Domain rename prior to consolidation

We have two domains with identical Netbios names that we are looking to consolidate. The aim is to use ADMT in order to migrate from one domain to the other. The conflict in Netbios name will not allow us to use ADMT as things stand.

There are two options that I can see;
1 - Create a temporary domain to migrate into (with another Netbios name) then migrate into the primary domain
2 - Use RenDom to rename the domain prior to migration with ADMT

The domains are both 2003 native domains. There are no exchange servers in the domain which is being removed

Is there any reason why option 2 would be problematic? Has anyone done it before?
Do the workstations need to be powered up at the time of running RenDom?


Answer : Domain rename prior to consolidation

There are couple of ways you can do this, using clamfs or inotify.

clamfs lets you mount an existing folder through clamav, so that any files accessed are first scanned.  So lets say you had a folder called /files contain a virus called eicar.txt.  You would mount the /files folder as say /clamav/files using clamfs and then accessing /clamav/files/eicar.txt would give a permission denied (because a virus was detected), whereas /files/eicar.txt would work fine.

inotify is a is a method for the kernel to let applications know about filesystem changes.  It isn't clamav related, but what you can do is set up inotify watchers on various folders, and if any file changes are seen (such as adding a new file) it can trigger clamav to scan the file.
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