Question : update randomly mysql

How can i set feild 'status' to  'y' randomly limit 3000
i want it update randomly not  the fiest 3000 record inmysql

Answer : update randomly mysql

Yes there is a tool

But before you go out and get this you ca ntry ot fix the db your self from the server console with these actions

1) Run Fixup to fix corrupted views and documents.
2) Run Updall to fix corrupted views and full-text indexes; if a corrupted view is the problem, try Updall before trying Fixup.
3) Run Compact with the -c option to fix corruption problems that Fixup doesn't correct.
4) Press SHIFT+F9 to rebuild one view; press CTRL+SHIFT+F9 to rebuild all views in a database.
5) Create a replica of the database.

for on console help for these commands
See your Lotus Notes Admin help and search
"Running the Fixup task"
"Running Compact using a console command"
"Running the Updall task"

Good Luck

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