Question : vCenter Converter and SBS2008

Hello Experts,

I have a unusual issue (at least to me) with trying to convert a stand alone SBS2008 server to a VM. I have used the vCenter Converter stand alone tool with great success, however I am trying to convert a SBS2008 machine with no joy.

The converter starts, and during the process of building the VM, it returns an error about not being able to format the virtual disk.

The only difference in this case is that in the conversion, I am trying to resize the drives of the SBS2008 VM. Currently, the system drive is 65gb of 150gb used, and the data drive is 320gb  of 900gb a good amount of overhead. I would like to resize the data drive to 500gb.

I do not have a storage large enough to cover the 900gb in VMware, so I must resize the data drive.

Any ideas?


Answer : vCenter Converter and SBS2008

Ok, found the solution after many hours of digging around the web.

Seems when changing win 7 to the smaller DPI, it does not change some font sizes.

A registry edit fixes the issue.
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