Question : Outlook/Exchange Issue with Emails not showing

I have a weird Exchange issue that I need some help on.  I was working with a client to give a user (Bob) access to another users (Beth) email account.  They have a 2003 Exchange server and use Outlook 2003 as the client.  I was able to add Beth's email to Bob’s email by opening the Properties on Bobs mail box, clicking on the <Advanced> button and then clicking on <Advanced> Tab and adding Beth’s email as an additional email account.  I had this working except you could not see the emails in the sub-folders so I played with the permissions on the sub-folders.  I never did get Bob to see the emails in the sub-folders of Beth's email and then after playing with it, I could no longer see the emails in sub-folders when I had Beth’s Outlook open.  The folders are still there, they just don’t show any emails in them.  I think the emails are still there it’s just that I can’t see them like it is some kind of permissions issue.  Then I got an email Bob saying he can’t see any of his emails in his sub-folders either.  I didn’t change anything on his Outlook email except to add Beth's email as a second user.  I really believe it has to do with permissions because that’s the only thing I changed but nothing I have tried has worked.  Help!

Answer : Outlook/Exchange Issue with Emails not showing

Hey there,

You need to set full permissions on the exchange. Log in to your Active Directory server and open up the "Active Directory Users and Computers" (under administrative tools).
Once open, navigate to the folder where the users are located. On the top menu click View and select Advanced view.

Right click on the user who's mailbox you want to share, click on Exchange Advanced Tab and select Mailbox Rights. Here add the person you want to give rights to and grant all rights except "Associated External Account".

If you want the user to be able to send email on behalf of the other person, under the Exchange General Tab, select Delivery Options and add the user you want to grant send on behalf permission to.

Under the Security Tab, add this person in with full rights. This should solve your issue.

To add the mailbox in Outlook, the best is to add it in as an associated mailbox. To dothis, click Tools, Email Accounts, select View or Change, click Next, select the exchange account and hit change.
Under More Settings, Advanced Tab add the other user's mailbox by clicking Add then selecting the user from Active Directory. Now click OK until you are out, and restart outlook. You will see that you will have all folders.

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