Question : How to set a number of lines on a report

I am trying to print a delivery ticket with 20 lines for someone to fill out.  The report bage breaks on the delivery ticket id.  Each delivery ticket can be prepopulated with items that the customer orders.  I would like to know how to force there to be 20 available lines to write.  Some customers may have 5 items on their ticket so there would be only 15 blank spaces, others may have 8 so there would be an additional 12 spaces.  Any suggestions?

Answer : How to set a number of lines on a report

Do the records that are in the table already contain a field that contains something like a delivery sequence # or something like that?  If so, you could create a table (tbl_Numbers) that contains a single field (intNumber) and 20 records (1-20).  You would then create a UNION query that joins the query you are already using with another query that would give you 20 records for each TicketID.

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