Question : Cloud Computing

Dear Experts,
I need some advice on cloud computing, having no idea how this cloud computing works I would greatly appreciate detailed reply for this.

In the current setup, we have Application, Database and Disaster Recovery servers physically sitting at a data centre.

We are planning to move this to the cloud environment. I believe it would be a lot easier in the cloud environment to upgrade memory, storage space, processor speed or anything than in a physical environment.

Now my questions here are?
1.      What are the key factors I have to consider before moving to the cloud environment?
2.      Is this reversible, I mean if at a point I want to come back to the physical environment is that possible.
3.      Generally speaking how good is the cloud environment and what are the disadvantages of this model

All help is greatly appreciated.

Answer : Cloud Computing

Try these two videos on Youtube - I used google to find them. Watch both & see if you get enough info from that.

The main problem is if the server goes down, you cannot acces your services (software, etc.).

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