Question : 'similar items' thumbnail linkusing php and mysql

I am setting up a jewelry site.

On the necklace section, when you navigate to the detail page i want to display 4 thumnails on the right hand side showing 'similar items'.

It may help to look at the site

The database has one product table which has all the columns ie id, name, price, thumb1, thumb2, thumb3 etc.

Thanks in advance!

Answer : 'similar items' thumbnail linkusing php and mysql

Hi Cqaliher

After further inspection, it looks as though the ADSL router had been flashed by the org contractors. I tried to Telnet into the router and was presented with a login for BusyBox, however password and user name is not authenticated... No one knows the u/n and pwd.... However i did resolve one or two issues with using the RRAS which has made life a little easier.

It looks like i will need to purchase a new one.

Many thanks for the help..

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