Question : Mysql Query to select from two tables


1st Query

SELECT id_r,sum(duration)  FROM `main`.`calls`
where call_start > '2010-06-20 00:00:00' and call_start < '2010-06-20 23:59:59'
group by id_r;

Now id_r will be displayed who has made calls on 20-6-2010
Now  I need to get their names .The names are not there in calls table.

2nd table is called desc

select * from `main`.`desc`;

This will display 2 coullmns.Id and names.

Now i need the names in first query.I mean to say I dont want to use two queries.As i am using mysql query browser.Also If no id_r has made calls i need that record also be displayed with null value.
Please let me know.


Answer : Mysql Query to select from two tables

My friend figured out a solution. Attached is the modified code he used. Thanks for your comments
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