Question : Trunking issues with HP Procurve Swicthes 3500yl


I have two procurve 3500yl switches.

I have 2 vmware esxi servers with 8 NICs each,

I have 4 vSwitches in each ESXi host. Each vSwitch has assigned two pNics configured with the default vSwitch Port Based Load Balancing. For each vSwitch, one pNic is connected to one of the procurve pSwicth and the other to the second.

At the Procurve level, i have the same 4 VLANs defined on each swtich.
I have linked both switches through 2x1Gb port trunk. Trunk type is Trunk.
I have assigned the Trunk trk1 as a tagged VLAN member of all 4 VLANs in the switch (so it carries traffic for all VLANs).
I have enabled STP(802.1w/RSTP) on both swithes as both of them have an uplink to internet for redundancy.

Issue is that when I connect to the network I can't access some of the devices on it (i.e. I can access some ESXi management ports but not others). After a reboot of the switches I could access a different set of devices.

So I assume issue is that I can only see the devices that are in the same switch that my connection ends up with. This would imply that for some reason trunk is not working as expected.

Previously I had ALL connections on the same switch and everything was working fine, so I assume VMWare vNetwork configuration (Load Balancing method...) is not the issue.

In know that it is not a simple problem but nice if someone can give me some clue so I can move on.

I am attaching a diagram of the network I have just explained.



Network Diagram

Answer : Trunking issues with HP Procurve Swicthes 3500yl

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