Question : Windows server 2003 terminal users unable to view png images in IE

Greetings experts!

I have encountered the following problem with a 2003 R2 SP2 Terminal Server:
The clients using the terminal server, are no longer able to view png images in Internet Explorer (IE8).

The only user who do not have this problem is one user associated with the Administrators security group in AD, as of current.

 I have compared Tools -> Advanced Tab settings with the user who can see the images on IE and it matches. I also checked View, Auto Select, and Encoding, and made sure view images is ticked under the Multimedia settings. Still I only get the red X for png's. I also deleted temp files and cookies, cleared cache and browser history a couple of times.

I followed the steps as described here:
This did not resolve the issue.

I also tried the png-fix, found here, , suggested from a couple of threads here on EE and google, still no success.

I might mention that the server have been restarted several times as well, after reg changes ect.

Aside from granting all users admin rights to the terminal server (which is not an option) then I am fairly short on ideas now.

Any suggestions and help at this point will be greatly appreciated!

Claus Bork

ps. as this is my first question here, please forgive any lack of detail, or if the quesion does not meet the standards of EE. =)

Answer : Windows server 2003 terminal users unable to view png images in IE

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